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What is the easiest way to attach the Hood to my backpack?

FIRST, put on your backpack and then put on the Hood, loop it’s two vertical straps underneath each of your backpack straps and attach the button-hole ends to the Hood's exterior side buttons. Adjust and you are done!

When you remove your backpack, before you put it back on again just PULL the Hood up to the TOP of your backpack, that way the Hood is in the proper position for you to be able to reach it to pull over your head.

How do I attach the Hood when I want to reverse it and wear the inside color?

Same as above, but this time the Hood’s two vertical straps loop above each of your backpack straps. The button-hole strap ends attach to each of the side buttons that will now be inside of the hood when worn in reverse.

Can I also wear the Hood on its own without a backpack?

Definitely. The Hood can be worn freestyle with almost any type of jacket or sweatshirt. Just tuck the bottom of the hood & the straps underneath the collar of your jacket or neckline of your sweatshirt. Just make sure to be unique and create your own style!

Why did you go with One Size for the Hood? Will the One Size fit me?

We decided to make our inaugural version of our Backpack Hood a “loose fit style,” which is deeper and loose-fitting, in order to ensure it can fit the majority of individuals without being too small or tight. This also allowed us to offer customers a simple One Size option. The Hood size of hoodies for both women and men is on average the same within the SM to XXXL size range, with of course a few exceptions.

For some individuals, especially if you typically wear size Small (SM) or Extra Small (XS), our Backpack Hood will have more of a loose and deeper look & feel, but it will still be comfortable.

Will the One Size Merino Wool Beanie fit me?

The natural ability of 100% fine merino wool to stretch allows for our One Size Merino Wool Ribbed Beanie to fit children to adults.

How do you replace the Hood’s drawcord with a “DIY’ method?

The simple DIY method essentially consists of attaching one of the metal tip ends of the existing drawcord to one end of the new drawcord you want to insert in your Hood with a piece of tape - any type of tape in fact - and then slowly pull the opposite end of the existing drawcord until you pull the new drawcord all the way through both of the drawcord holes. Then remove the tape. Done! Please stay tuned for a video we plan to post via YouTube showing how quickly and easily you can replace the drawcord of your Hood with this DIY method.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes. We ship worldwide.

I am outside of Canada, so will I have to pay any customs duties on my shipment?

Possibly. Since we do not have control over any customs or import duties and/or taxes once the package arrives in the destination country, the recipient will be responsible for any additional fees that are charged. Since the Hood is made in Canada there may be duty-free relief available to you for goods of Canadian origin, but please verify with your national customs agency.

Our 100% Merino Wool beanie is Made in England (U.K), please also verify with your national customs agency in order to confirm what duty & tax rates may or may not apply for international parcel shipments with goods that are of U.K. origin.

What is your return policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with your product, we will accept a return within 30 days of your purchase, so long as you have not damaged or soiled the item. Just make sure to let us know why you have decided to return it as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from the date of purchase.   

Can I submit a pic of myself sporting my new Huuud Apparel Hood and/or Wool Beanie?

Definitely! We want to publish all of our fan pics. Please submit any pics to us as an attachment to: or simply post from your Instagram account with the hashtags #backpackhood and #huuudapparel.


*Please note that we reserve the right to moderate any photo submissions and further refuse the publishing on our website and Social Media accounts of any pic(s) deemed offensive, inappropriate and/or in bad taste. Any photo submissions by the public will not be used outside of the website and Social Media accounts owned and managed by Huuud Apparel Company Inc.